HHB-Scrub Supply An Avid S6 To LipSync Post

09-04-2014 09:09 AM

Our friends at HHB-Scrub has supplied London’s LipSync Post with a 24-fader Avid S6 M10 console and Pro Tools upgrades.
LipSync Post is spread across two buildings in the heart of the post community in London’s Soho. Whilst upgrading their Studio 6 LipSync chose to fit an Avid S6 M10 control surface as well as a Pro Tools 11 HDX system and Scrub’s technical team customised the console layout to fit the workflow of LipSync’s engineers.
LipSync will also benefit from the new features added to the S6 in version 1.2 software, which further enhances the flexibility of layouts, VCA groups and the Softkey Editor, in addition to functions that enable editing directly from the Channel Strip.
LipSync Senior Re-Recording Mixer and Music Composer Rob Hughes told us…
When we came to update our desk in Studio 6, we wanted ultimate flexibility and integration with our Pro Tools HDX system. It’s a busy room that needs to serve as a mix studio for drama, short form and documentaries, as well as feeding work into our larger theatres and handling re-versioning and deliverables. The Avid S6 was our first choice and we’re delighted to be working with Scrub again. Their expertise is always invaluable in making the set up as fast and painless as possible.
The team from HHB will be in their usual position at IBC if you would like to have a chat with them about your requirements.