Get Ready To Rock - Softube And Marshall Enter Into Partnership

09-03-2014 02:58 PM

Softube, already makers of some of the finest amplifier simulations around, have entered into partnership with iconic British amplifier legends Marshall. There’s nothing specific yet on what products are going to be developed but get ready to kick some stacks over.
About The New Softube And Marshall Partnership

In a statement on the Softube website they say;
This partnership will see both companies apply their proven expertise by designing and making innovative guitar products that will excite and inspire.
This is more than a passing collaboration; it’s a long term project with long term goals. Marshall and Softube already have several new products under development
Jonathan Ellery, Managing Director of Marshall Amplification says:
For over 50 years Marshall have been innovators and leaders in guitar amplification. Our partnership with Softube will not only strengthen our offering and give Marshall access to world leading technology but it will also put us on the digital map.
Oscar Öberg, CEO of Softube added:
We are excited and more than a little proud to form this partnership with the most well-known company in our industry. Great times lie ahead for all guitarists!
What Softube Marshall Products Are Coming?

As we say there are no specifics so far so it’s hard to say but it looks like it could be both plug-ins for use in DAWs and Softube technology inside Marshall amplifiers, nothing yet us confirmed.
What would you like to see in a Softube/Marshall product?
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