post EDL: Tip 9 - OMF/AAF From The Edit - Covering Your Back

09-03-2014 09:00 AM

When asking your editor for an OMF or an AAF of their sequence to import into Pro Tools, also ask for a vision EDL (cmx 3600) if exporting from an Avid, and an XML if exporting from FCP.
Makes Reconforming So Much Easier

Then if production, or should that be when, change the picture edit, you can use the 2 EDLs to create a change list between the two versions and use a re-conforming package like Sounds In Sync’s Ediload to update your session. See Mike Thornton’s show and tell look at the new re-conforming features in EdiLoad v3 and how easy this is to do with EdiLoad v3. Alternatively you can use Conformalizer from Magggot Software and we will also be reviewing Conformalizer soon.
Create an Monitor Mix From The OMF/AFF Tracks

Having imported an OMF/AAF and the on-line video, route all the tracks to a bus that goes to your monitoring. It can be handy to sometimes hear the mix as the edit heard it to see what they might be aiming for - and for those moments when “the director swears he heard something different in the edit”. Finally make these reference tracks inactive and hide them.