Dynaudio Announce New Tablet Based AIR Control Software For Their Air Monitor Systems

08-30-2014 01:01 PM

Our friends at Dynaudio have announced AIR Control software for Mac, OC and Windows based tablets to replace the original TC PC-IP installer software.
Set Up And Calibrate Your Dynaudio AIR Systems

With the AIR control software you can edit, save and recall presets for room adaptation DSP, precise timing and SPL calibration, bass management, and monitor control for their AIR systems from 2.0 up to 7.1.
Now any user can carry out advanced calibration and alignment of their AIR monitoring system. The software provides access to advanced tools and features inside AIR monitors and sub woofers including timing and SPL calibration and parametric EQs for each monitor. AIR Control allows users to define and store custom setups and presets with selective parameter locking, and a special measurement mode provides EQ line signal out from selected monitors.
AIR Control Available As A Free Download

Fred Speckeen, Global Business Manager for Dynaudio Professional told us…
AIR Control will be available as a free download, and we are very excited to offer our current and future AIR users the advantages of this intuitive software that easily and intuitively unlocks all the power of their AIR monitor systems.
Learn more about AIR Control Software

You can go to the Dynaudio web site to learn more about the AIR Control software and get the free download.
Get The Free Monitor Calibration Guide

Dynaudio have also produced a useful guide to calibrate any monitors and not just their AIR systems