Source Elements Announce Source Connect 3.8 Coming In September

08-29-2014 03:00 PM

Our friends at Source Elements have announced that they will be releasing Source-Connect 3.8 in September.
Monthly Subscriptions That Don’t Require an iLok

Source-Connect 3.8 will have full 64 bit support and perhaps even bigger news is that they will be offering monthly subscriptions that don’t require you to have an iLok dongle.
With this move they would appear to be expanding into non Pro Tools related markets and users that that don’t have to have an iLok. Also the idea of being able to pay to use Source-Connect for a fixed period will be great for small independent freelance home workers who may only need to have acess to Source-Connect for a particular project and can charge the client for the subscription charge, neat idea Source Elements.
What Is Source-Connect?

If you aren’t aware of Source Elements then this video demonstrates how you can use Source-Connect to lock two Pro Tools systems together and they also have a feature where you can replace the AAC files with the original WAV files. For much more on Source-Connect visit their web site.
Arrange a Free Source-Connect Trial

You can arrange a free trial of Source-Connect and get a free 30 minute tutorial to get you started courtesy of Source Elements.