Zynaptiq Release UnChirp So You Can Remove The Birdies

08-25-2014 09:42 PM

Our friends Zynaptiq have released UnChirp It is an audio-plugin that they claim removes artifacts caused by lossy audio encoding & other FFT processes, like spectral denoising. They say that you can reduce musical noise and high frequency chirping (a.k.a. “underwater sound” or “warbling”) and restore lost transients & treble.
If you need to salvage poorly encoded music, speech that’s gone through a low bit rate uplink, over-denoised audio, or footage recorded with consumer mobile devices? then you might want to check out UnChirp.
They recommend that you enjoy this video in HD - They show some interesting before and after examples that suggest you should listen to in quality and not listened to in lower resolutions as those would have new lossy encoding applied and you could be back to square one.
Try It Before You Buy It

There is a demo version available from their Downloads page. if you like it then the price is $399 and you can buy it from their store.
Zap It With The New Zynaptiq ZAP Bundle

Zynaptiq have also announced their ZAP Bundle which is made up of UnFilter, UnVeil, PitchMap and UnChirp. You can buy the ZAP Bundle for $1099. If you already some of the Zynaptiq plug-ins then you can upgrade for the difference in the purchase price.