Exclusive: Video Review Of The New AIR Riser Synth Plug-in For Music Production

08-25-2014 05:39 PM

The new AIR Riser synth plug-in makes creating rises and drops in your music productions a cinch.
The AIR Riser Plug-in

The Riser has three editable sound generators – sweep, noise, and chord – letting the user manipulate the movement, timber, and tonality of the transition.
Video Review

We were given a pre-release preview copy and so here is the exclusive review of The Riser the latest plug-in from AIR Music Tech, the makes of the much loved Velvet, Transfuser, Structure, Hybrid, Strike, Loom and Vacuum Pro, all part of the Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack or IEP.
In this extended video review Russ shows you how it works and gives you a demo of some of the presets within the new Riser plug-in from AIR.
Get A Pre-Release Demo Of The AIR Riser

For more information on how to get a pre-release demo of AIR Riser click here.