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    Post Free Kick Drum Synth For Windows, BIGROOMKIXSYNTH VSTi, Offers Meaty Umph

    Free Kick Drum Synth For Windows, BIGROOMKIXSYNTH VSTi, Offers Meaty Umph

    08-21-2014 02:06 AM

    BIGROOMKIXSYNTH VSTi was uploaded by: LogikRecordsOfficial
    Duration: 313
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    Very nice little freebie VSTi for some extra umpf

    I've downloaded and played with it a bit and i like it. It doesn't use samples, so it is a real percussion synthie, specially made for the kicks.
    It has a lot of presets of various type of kick / bass drums but can also be used for other electronic percussions like high hats, snares, claps, toms a.s.o., as well for some unusual sounds. And it can be automated easily with (I think) all the parameters. This can produce some really interesting drum tracks.

    May one will say, it lacks a bit on the very low end, but for me, this is not very tragic and can also be good for mixing, if you have already e.g. a subbass track in the mix or want to put some in.

    For me, it's a nice to have. It's free and no personal data is required for downloading.
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