POST EDL: Tip 4 - Automation Preview

08-20-2014 09:00 PM

Automation preview is your post fairy friend - select your region, cycle it and tweak away with eq/dynamics etc and mess with the reverb, reverb send and all its parameters.
Preview allows all the automation to run on the channel you are tweaking (unlike the old fashioned way of being in automation isolate on that channel) with all parameters moving dynamically, with except the ones that you change - which go into write (but aren’t commited - ….yet)
Tweak until the job is done
Then write to selection to write these changes to the area that you wish to (only)
Check that you have actually made a selection on the timeline first though as there is a vicious “feature” (Avid what on earth were you thinking?) where those settings will be written to the entire track timeline if there is no selection. VERY DANGEROUS! Back of the class Avid for operational real world stupidity!