TC Electronic Announce System 6000 Integrator Plug-in For Pro Tools

08-20-2014 11:14 AM

Our friends at TC Electronic have launched a DAW integration solution for their System 6000. The System 6000 Integrator plug-in enables you to save and reload the complete settings of your System 6000 as part of your Pro Tools project just by using an ethernet connection.
Using automation it is possible to automate preset changes during playback, which means you can get even more out of the four processing engines of System 6000 than ever before. For instance, one engine may apply subtle 8 channel reverb in one scene and extraordinary DXP dynamics processing or UnWrap HD in the next. TC Electronic’s Thomas Valter told us….
We are very excited that users are now able to integrate their System 6000 with their DAWs and NLEs. What may seem like a minor and simple addition to the System 6000 platform is in fact a game-changing move that adds a whole new dimension to System 6000. As DAW components change in three year cycles, many professionals use System 6000 to ensure their most precious audio effects. Before, this was a challenge when managing projects; and typically involved MIDI or custom solutions to synchronize data.
The System 6000 Integrator plug-in will be $499, but until 1st September it will be available for $299 as an introductory offer. TC Electronic is also offering a free 14-day trial for all System 6000 users.