Great Deals on iZotope RX3 & RX3 Advanced And Get RX4 For Free

08-19-2014 01:41 PM

Our friends at RSPE Audio Solutions and Time+Space Distribution are offering a great deal on RX3 & RX3 Advanced and if you take advantage of this offer, which runs until September 4th 2014 you will also get RX4 when it comes out later in September,
RSPE Audio Solutions

Time+Space Distribution Ltd

New features in RX4 already announced include…

  • Clip Gain: Easily adjust and balance the volume of vocals and instruments with this new non-destructive editing feature.
  • Dialogue Denoiser: Reduce distracting background noise from dialogue and vocals in real time (now a standard feature with both RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced).
  • RX Connect: Streamline your process with a round-trip workflow compatible with Pro Tools, Logic, and other popular hosts

New features in RX4 Advanced already announced include….

  • Leveler: Automatically balance the volume of your mix, freeing more time for creative mix decisions.
  • EQ Match: Ensure a consistent-sounding mix by seamlessly matching multiple recordings with varying sonic profiles.

If you have been thinking about getting iZotope RX then this is a brilliant time to do it. Also great news is that they have moved Dialog Denoiser from the Advanced version to the normal version, so if you buy RX3 now when RX4 comes out you will get to use the excellent dialog denoiser either as a plug-in or in the standalone iZotope application.