Post EDL: Tip 3 - Dialogue Reverbs

08-18-2014 09:00 PM

  • For dialogue mixing, nothing makes your adr stick out further than by using stereo reverb in the middle of mono sync - narrow it down!
  • Darkening the reverb often helps too, as sparkly fairy dust highs from the reverb on a dull sync clip with highlight it painfully in the mix.
  • Remember less is more with dialogue reverb. It is easy to get carried away.
  • Predelay is your friend, using predelay and increasing it can help the sense of space around dialogue without having to have such long reverb times.
  • Check out Michael Carnes’ (the Reverb Guru) salient advice on Exponential Audio’s web page for nifty reverb tips and techniques - to quote Mike Thornton, “what he doens’t know about reverb isn’t worth knowing”