POST EDL (Every Day Learn) - A New Regular Post Production Workflow and Tip Centre

08-14-2014 01:20 PM

I am announcing a new regular post production orientated tip and workflow feed (although I am sure this will be of interest to music types too). The idea is that there will be small regular bite size nuggets of tips and short cuts that will come on a regular basis (as and when I think of them!). I am sure the rest of the team will pitch in too.
I will start the ball rolling and you (the community) can augment this by discussion and sending in your own tips and tricks.
Let’s have some fun and share some thoughts…..
Post EDL TIP 1 - Re-Syncing Clips

When re-syncing, pan the original left, the sound to be synced to the right. Change your grid to ¼ of a frame (or something quite small). Select the region you would like to sync and hit play. Whilst playing, use the nudge back key “, “ and/or the nudge forward key “.” to slip the position of the region needing to be synced.
Pro Tools will slip the sync in play (yes you slip & move the sync whilst in play) . When you have perfect sync, the phasing will stop and image will centralize.