10 Top Tips For Getting Great Deals On Recording Gear

08-12-2014 09:24 AM

We all love new gear, I’m as bad as the next looking at gear porn in magazines and online. Before we know where we are we’ve got another piece of gear and a big credit card statement.
Here’s a few tips to help you ease the pain of buying that gear you tell your partner you desperately ‘need’ for your studio.
Early Adoptors Pay A Premium

You may have a nice Facebook picture to put on your wall and some cool bragging stories, but buying any electronic gear the day it comes out is a surefire way of paying over the odds. I have been the worst for this and however many times I tell myself this, I’ve still queued up for every iPhone launch - what an idiot! Learn from my mistake and wait.
Buy An Open Box

We all love the feel of tearing open cellophane, but if you can get your kicks elsewhere then you can save some money. Often open boxes and ex-demo will save you at least 10%.
Buy Used Recording Gear

Electronic gear hardly goes wrong and it’s going to break down then it will happen sooner rather than later. So shop around for used gear, it can save you a fortune.

Make Friends With A Dealer

Dealers like to know they have customers they can rely on and whilst using the internet as a deal-whore might save you money now and again, a regular discount from a friendly dealer can save you more in the long run. Did this point contradict the earlier one? Partly, some people just find it hard to create relationships, because they are either shy or a sociopath. If that’s you then opt for shopping online.
Use Ebay To Find Great Recording Gear

Ebay has some great deals on gear, both brand new or opened and not wanted. Check it out before you call your dealer or an online site. It’s a lot safer than some people would have you believe, yes there are some people who have been scammed in Ebay, but there are also some people who have been hit by a coconut, but I still eat the stuff.
Google The Deal

With intense competition on the internet there are a lot of price matching offers from dealers. Don’t always buy from the big names, they can often be the most expensive.
Swap Recording Gear

Last week I put a 2006 Macbook on Ebay hoping to get £250. I got an email from a guy who needed my Macbook and offered me an iPad2 16gb, WIFI, 3G with the cover as a straight swap. That would have cost me £550! Nice. It’s amazing how much the value of things change when people want what you have.
Group Buy

There’s a few brands offering group buy deals which can sometimes save you up to 50% of the original price. Keep you eyes open for them.
Sign Up To Dealer Newsletters With A Special Email Address.

If you want to catch the deals but not the spam, open another account just for the email newsletters. Google even offers you a trick for catching this stuff simply by adding a word to the email address when you sign up. No spam in your regular mail and an account full of lovely offers.
Check Out Our Monthly Deals

In the last year Pro Tools Expert has been working with some great brands to make sure you get great products and services at great prices. They are 1 month only deals so you need to be fast, check out the latest deals here.
So there we are, are there any great buying tips you would like to share?