izotope RX3 Audiosuite "Get Out Of Jail" Post Production Workflow

08-08-2014 02:52 PM

Ok post production (or even music) “noise-nobblers”, I have a nifty workflow that I am using that Mike Thornton (“the RX Ninja”) thought I should share with you to whet your appetite before RX4 comes out……
RX3 Audiosuite “Get Out Of Jail” Workflow- the problem with audiosuite processing

Often when editing dialogue on documentaries we need to process the sync/dialogue with RX3 denoiser. The problem, when we come to mix (after the edit process), is that often “one” is guilty of over processing the file and that “the cure is worse than the cold”. This is not the software’s fault but, more that we get over zealous in our attempts for cleanliness.
Of course, everyone saves the clean version on a safety track (DON”T THEY!), but as a mixer if your director doesn’t like the editor’s processing, it can really slow down the mix to find the “clean noise” and attempt to improve the editor’s processing. Imagine the embarrassment if you can’t?
Ideally you would often like to be able to just back it off a bit, or to improve the artefact control - but what settings did the editor use?
A Step By Step Guide To The RX3 Audiosuite “Get Out Of Jail” Workflow - To Speed Mixing & Help Save Mix Embarrasment…

Copy your regions that you want to process to the safety track

Select the area of “clean noise” in the region that is to be salvaged
Learn the noise profile

In RX3 audiosuite (which of course you called up with your Raven macro didn’t you - feeling smug here James?) & change the “settings saved to” parameter to save the plug-in settings to the session. N.B remember this is a global setting for all audiosuite plugs, so remember to change it back when you are done)

Here you can see the settings are being saved to my media drive, current projects, Afghanistan at Work, Ep 3 session folder
Save the setting as a timecode (hours mins and secs will do) of the start of the region
Here you can see some examples

Render the file

RX3 Get out of Jail Audiosuite Workflow - the best bit…..

Now when you are mixing and think you may have “overcooked it” - you can call up the audiosuite plug with your Raven macro (sorry - did I say Raven again?) and then call up the setting, drag the unprocessed file from the safety track, audition, change settings to a more sensible variation - and viola - look cool and tell the director how superior you are.
I am off to email the Raven tech guys to ask them to make the whole thing a one button macro….