Eventide UltraChannel Update And Free Video Tutorials

08-08-2014 07:45 AM

Eventide who were generous enough to give away their $250 Ultrachannel plug-in have released an update to fix some nasty bugs. They have also partnered with Groove 3 to offer some free Eventide Ultrachannel tutorial videos to those who wish to use them.
To get your free Eventide Ultrachannel turorials just go to https://www.groove3.com/str/redeem_code.php and enter in the promo code: eventide30day
Release Notes for UltraChannel Version 2.0.151.

  • Fixed several bugs related to session tempo and session restore when tempo sync is on.2.
  • Fixed default install location for 32 bit Windows VST. Version 2.0.91.
  • Fixed various issues related to Delay loading, tempo sync, and control.2.
  • Fixed an issue where EQ wouldn’t pass audio, or would oscillate on plug-in load in some very rare cases.3.
  • Fixed pop on plug-in instantiation or session load if XFormer was engaged.4. Improved session tempo compatibility with Logic5.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing extreme CPU loading on some processors in some DAWs6.
  • Corrected typos and improved User Guide

Eventide Ultrachannel OS X Download
Eventide Ultrachannel Windows Download