HHB Scrub Release Video Using The Softkeys On An Avid S6

08-07-2014 07:18 AM

Our friends at HHB Scrub have released another video in their series on how to get more out of the Avid S6 control surface. This video demonstrates how the Softkeys provide fast control over menu, editing and automation functions in Pro Tools and other EUCON-enabled DAWs.
Its hosted by HHB’s Devin Workman, who shows how the Softkeys can put virtually any Eucon function on the surface of the console for deep hands on control of a session. The 60 user-assignable Softkeys can be tailored to fit the user’s unique workflow by putting the keys that are used most within easy reach. Complex editing functions, automation of channels, plug-ins and volumes, and various other parameters can be controlled with the just the Softkeys and jog wheel. Workman also demonstrates that, like the S6, the Softkeys are application aware and update to the function specific to each DAW when switching between programs.
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I have to say that having visited Galaxy Studios, the home of Auro Techologies, working in their gorgeous dubbing theatre I can see how the integration offered by Eucon 3 and the Avid S6 would be perfect for these kind of scenarios.
Tom Graham from Avid has recently interviewed Re-Recording Mixer Frank Morrone at Technicolor Toronto about how they are getting on with their new Avid S6 and in their interview Frank told Tom….
With LOST we had 7 computer monitors (for the 7 HD Systems) in front of us to get the visual feedback we needed. Now with the S6, I have the TFT (Meter) displays and all the information is streamlined right in front of me. I can get at it with a lot less clutter. And I really love the scrolling waveforms because when I’m doing my dialogue premixes I can see when a piece of dialogue is coming in on a track and if I need to raise my Fader because of the (relative) size of the incoming waveform. To be able to also see my metering, my compression and my EQ curves right next to the scrolling waveform are just great features and they really get you into a rhythm when you’re working. It’s a rhythm and efficiency that you could never get before.
You can read the full interviiew on the Avid Blog site.