PureMix Annual Subscription $175.49 - 30% Discount

08-01-2014 09:06 AM

These days it’s not so easy to learn how to make a record by observing a working professional. There aren’t many few assistant positions out there anymore. In the past, an aspiring engineer or producer could watch and learn from someone much more experienced for a few years, preparing himself for flying solo without burning their wings to a crisp.
These days that old mentor/disciple system is pretty much gone, and that’s a shame and the team at pureMIX know, they make records for a living, the best ones they can, and they had to figure out how to do it on their own and that really sucked. (It’s very lonely being a solo act, isn’t it?)
So they came up with PureMix where they as succesful professionals could share the knowledge they had acquired over time. They thought about all the issues they had dealt with over the years honing their skills and came up with targeted answers to those questions and even answers to the questions that the answers raised.
They have organised all that knowledge in a format that delivers lots of important information in the shortest amount of time with the minimal of waste.
All PureMix Online’s content is produced in professional studios with the highest attention to detail coupled with their relentless curiosity and care for all those things they love about music and sound.
What do you get for your annual subscription?

All Access Pass - We have worked with our friends at PureMix to offer you their 1 year subscription for unlimited access to all their tutorials but thats not all.
Private Forum - As subscribers you have access to the private PureMix forum where you can ask the PureMix tutors as well as any other PureMixers any question you like and because it is a private forum you will only find people like you on the forum who are keen to learn more about what we do.
Zelab Downloads - You can download demonstration files and tracks to work on as well as enter mixing contests through PureMix’s Zelab
Free Plug & Mix plug-in - You get to choose one free plug-in with a value of $59
Discounts from other brands - You also get access to exclusive discounts of up to 30% from brands like Angelbird, Sonnox, Flux, Blue Cat audio and Don’t Crack.

Roy.D Very impressive, bare bones, concise, and straight to the point… obviously professionals at work. This is solid information I can honestly use.”
J.J. It feels more like having you here in the room as a teacher, rather than watching a screen.
Alan.P Best video tutorials website I’ve seen! I like that PureMix does not treat us like recording beginners - other sites are very basic :)