AIR Loom And Vacuum Pro Out Now

05-10-2013 11:52 PM

AIR have launched their new synths Loom and Vacuum Pro, two mighty fine beast, building on the heritage of the cool stuff gone before them, but offering more power and some very nice sounds.

With Loom explore one of the final frontiers of sound creation: Additive Synthesis. Loom makes it possible. While familiar to many, the promise of additive synthesis has gone largely unanswered. The creation of rich, swirling, and evocative sounds by combining individual harmonics has proved either too time consuming for programmers, or too calculation-intensive for all but the fastest supercomputers; until now. Loom takes an exclusive modular approach to creating the captivating sounds and unique harmonic signatures that are the trademarks of additive synthesis. The easy-to-use Loom architecture allows anyone to quickly combine any of 30 editable modules into 10 available cells to realize incredible, unheard of sounds. Onboard effects, onscreen pop-up Tool Tips, and the amazing Morph page bring Loom to life for fantastic, accessible sound.

Vacuum Pro starts with two wide-range, sync-able vacuum tube oscillators. Each features Quad Detune controls for a lush, thick sound. Add to that two vacuum tube filters. We’ve included both the traditional Low Pass filter, as well as an additional High Pass/Band Pass filter. Choose the filter slope to capture classic tones of the past. Vacuum Pro has it all: Four Envelope Generators; matrix-assignable modulation, and tempo sync’d LFO. The tube-driven mixer offers a drive circuit plus tone-warping ring modulation. For authentic analog behavior, the exclusive Age controls even add dust and drift.
For more info check out their site here