Pro Tools 11 And HD Native May Well Be A Killer System

05-10-2013 02:02 PM

We’ve been seeing Pro Tools 11 running on a HD Native system this week and we have to say the results have been stunning, remember this is a pre-release version and not the final shipping version we’ve seen. The machine, a mid-range Mac Pro 2.8ghx Quad with a Pro HD Native card hooked up to an Omni.
Until production copies of Pro Tools 11 are available we are not able to offer a review or make videos (trust us we’ve asked and offered bribes!), however it’s been like seeing a different DAW in action.
For perhaps the first time since its release it makes a HD Native system a really hot proposition, it also continues to make us wonder who will be buying HDX systems? Our best guess is large music, post and broadcast facilities. What is clear is that many of those who had to have a hardware dependant chip-based HD system in the past will be fewer, we’ve seen tracking demos with plug-ins and VIs that were just a pipe dream on previous incarnations of Pro Tools.

If you own a store then I’d advise you to create bundles of Pro Tools 11, HD Native and for composers, Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 (Pro Tools 11 ready) - that is a killer system. If you are thinking of buying a new Pro Tools system then put that on your shopping list to check out.
However if you think this article is over-zealous fan-boy hyperbole, don’t take our word for it, wait until it ships download the demo and then see for yourself before you part with any money… just make sure you have a credit card ready.