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    Post How Reliable Is Your Pro Tools 11 System? Poll

    How Reliable Is Your Pro Tools 11 System? Poll

    07-21-2014 09:42 AM

    Depending on what forum you find yourself in and the thread you are reading you could be forgiven for either thinking that Pro Tools 11 is full of bugs or conversely rock solid.
    There are some well documented issues surrounding Pro Tools 11 which Avid have acknowledged, at Pro Tools Expert we get a lot of emails from users asking us about different issues not documented, are they general bugs or specific computer issues? It can be the case that how a computer is configured can greatly affect performance, you can read our report here.
    However, we thought it might be helpful to see how often users of Pro Tools 11 have their workflow interrupted by Pro Tools bugs and crashes. Reliability is an essential requirement of any professional software application, so is Pro Tools 11 meeting the mark or falling short?
    So take our poll for both Mac and Windows users, of course please also let us have your comments.
    Are you on cloud 9 or ready to throw the towel in?
    How Reliable Is Your Pro Tools 11 System?

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    teehee "It is rock solid and no crashes or bugs have occurred. 15%" ... im not biased or nuffin :whistles

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    cloud 9
    [Bullshit] Bingo. LoL

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