pureMIX Offer Their 1st 2 Day Masterclass Led By Fab Dupont

07-14-2014 12:08 PM

We love the videos that our friends at pureMIX produce. Now how would you like to learn from the master Fab Dupont, in person for 2 days? For the first time ever Fab Dupont is running a 2 day masterclass at Flux Studios, New York City. You could be one of just 16 people and as part of this exclusive masterclass learn how to record and mix a full band and how to improve your engineering skills.
Live in a pureMIX Tutorial

Over the course of 2 intense days, you will live inside a pureMix.net tutorial, with a great New York city band in world class studios with exceptional equipment, and the added benefit of being able to hear the same thing as the engineer.
A significant portion of this masterclass will be dedicated to ear training and critical listening to make sure you leave the seminar with a new appreciation for quality tones. the mastercalls will also arm you with the tools you need to solve the multitude of unforeseen problems that making music pauses. This masterclass will focus on what is not in the manual.
Day 1: Recording Session

During the recording segment of the seminar, you will learn how to mic drums, bass, guitars and vocals by choosing microphones according to the sources, how to pick preamps, how to handle recording levels, how to make the best out of a hybrid digital / analog system for a winning cue system. You will also learn how to make the right compromises, how to run a session that feels great for everyone, and how to interact with musicians to make the most of their performances.
Day 2: Mixing Session

The following day, in one of New York City’s most famous mixing room (the Fabulous room @ Flux Studios), you will learn how to edit the raw tracks to bring them to ‘finished record’ level, and how to tune and manage time to perfect the feel of the music. Then you will be able to watch and ask questions while Fab Dupont mixes the tracks into a radio ready single. Special care will be given on bottom end management, specialisation, 2Bus chain management and compression optimisation.
The great monitoring environment of the fabulous Room and Fab Dupont’s deep attention to details will supply you with enough insights, as well as tips and tricks to keep you busy for a long time after the masterclass ends.
When & Where

The masterclass will be at Flux Studios in New York City on August 16th & 17th. If you would like to be one of 16 people to learn from Fab Dupont face to face then hurry over to the pureMIX site to find out more and book up for this amazing opportunity.