Mix Master Mick Guzauski On The Avid S6

07-13-2014 11:00 AM

Mix master Mick Guzauski gives an interview about the new Avid S6 control surface over at the RSPE Audio web site.
“Well, the controls were all in very logical places. A big thing for me was the color-changing OLEDs; it was so easy at a glance to tell what the function of any knob or switch was. Also, the comprehensive control over the system from the center-section touch screen and focus fader; and that it could be configured any way you want—you could have a lot of faders and fewer knobs, or knobs on every channel. You could have a high density of controls near the center and then just faders off to the sides—it can be configured any way you’d like it. Also, the metering was great because you could see the waveforms scroll on the meter bridge aside from the normal metering. And in the future, they were showing me that EQ curves could be up there as well. There’s also gain reduction metering next to the faders following what Pro Tools 11 is doing …”
Read the rest of the interview with Mick over at RSPE Audio.