Using API Audio 1608 As A Pro Tools Control Surface

07-09-2014 09:00 AM

The API 1608, when fitted with the P-Mix Motorised Fader Automation System, can act as a motorised control surface capable of controlling an entire session in your DAW, as well as being a fabulous discrete high-end analogue recording and mixing console. Our friends at Source Distribution have made this video to demonstrate how the API 1608 can bcome a Pro Tools control surface.

The API Audio P-Mix System Features:

  • Self-contained system requiring no external computer
  • Individual Switch Control on each fader
  • Global Control Panel in the console Center Section
  • Files are easily saved files to standard SD memory cards
  • Automated Mute and Solo switches on each channel
  • Unlimited Fader Groups with 2 dedicated Group Master Faders
  • Motorised Stereo Fader
  • DAW Control with unity gain audio bypass
  • Unlimited Mix Restore points
  • Retrofit kits for existing 1608 consoles
  • System is expandable in groups of 8 channels, up to 48 channels

If you’re based in the UK and have any questions about the 1608, or the P-Mix system, then you can contact our friends at Source Distribution.
If you are outside the UK then go to the API web site.