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    Post Thomas Dolby kraftwerk-dressed (gear)talk about synthesisers

    Thomas Dolby kraftwerk-dressed (gear)talk about synthesisers

    07-04-2014 09:47 PM

    this is fun, Thomas Dolby talks with some Kraftwerk’ish dressed host and demos of PPG, Drumset, TR808, Jp4 and the VL1, Moog and tons of 100m’s.. and it plays a german folk tune.. put on your tie and dance! nice computer shown in it.. and vocoder updates on British Synthesisers is here*- first real image […]

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    Some usual vintage sounds to hear. I don't like the "Schnulze" sound of the 70ies, e.g. like that beatles stuff, but some good bass and lead synthies are in the vid.

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