UAD plug-ins With Up To 50% Savings Ends June 30th

06-28-2014 04:19 PM

Our friends at Universal Audio are running their Half Yearly Sale in their plug-in store but hurry as it finishes on June 30th. If you have a UAD card then do make sure you check out the store as their are some serious bargains to be had on some great plug-ins. Here are some highlights…

On a similar note, community member Alan Fluker got in touch to ask….
I just purchased a UAD-2 card, and I have $750 coupon to buy more plug-ins, also they have a sale that ends June 30. Which plug-ins do you recommend? I only track vocals and guitar acoustic and electric and also own a eleven rack. I Also mix. I wanted to really get good at mixing which I like but have a lot to learn. Pop, R&B, Jazz and very little hiphop for my son.
Community, what would you recommend Alan gets with his $750 coupon especially whilst the sale is still on?