Adoption Of Pro Tools 11 Around 40%

06-19-2014 08:17 AM

In a recent survey of nearly 3,000 Pro Tools users around 40% (or 4 in 10) have made the move to Pro Tools 11. The majority of those surveyed remain on Pro Tools 10, 9, 8 and 7.
Cost of upgrade, hardware and plug-in incompatibility and ongoing bugs in Pro Tools 11 were given as some of the reasons for not moving. Cost is particularly an issue for those using older HD systems who would need to make a major investment to move to HDX, in a studio with multiple seats this can run into tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.
One Pro Tools owner said “I would dearly love to upgrade to PT11HD, but unfortunately every piece of PT hardware I have is no longer supported.”
On the issue of bugs one owner wrote “I am on 10 because of the PT11 delay compensation bug with multi out VIs. I’m surprised there isn’t more chatter about this, it seems outrageous to me to spend $500 on a software UPDATE that doesn’t work right.”
Other users who had upgraded to the latest version of Pro Tools had a different view “PT11 opening up the choice of video output cards on the windows platform was the ‘killer feature’ for me. PT10 uninstalled last week, Avid Mojo gathering dust.” Another user wrote “I use Pro Tools 11 exclusively now. Despite a few issues with the Avid video engine, I have found it to be excellent on the whole and the offline bounce feature in particular has saved me countless hours and has become an essential part of my workflow.”
If you are yet to complete the survey then it is still live, of course we would be interested to hear your views on the adoption of Pro Tools 11. Are you surprised by this figure? Discuss.