Nugen Audio Announces Educational Sales Programme

06-17-2014 05:00 PM

Our friends at Nugen Audio who produce a range or great loudness related products as well as other useful audio tools, today introduced special educational pricing for its complete line of loudness management, metering, and correction solutions. Nugen Audio will now offer a 50 percent discount to qualifying students, teachers, and institutions. Jon Schorah, creative director at Nugen Audio told us…
Nugen Audio is committed to investing in the future of the media industry, and we want to make our products as accessible as possible to the next generation of users. As loudness compliance becomes a requirement for broadcasters around the world, it’s critical that loudness monitoring and correction become a standard part of the curriculum for those teaching audio for broadcast and post-production. Our loudness plug-ins are specifically engineered for maximum ease of use and efficiency, which makes them fit perfectly in a professional audio educational setting.
There are terms and conditions which include being able to prove your educational status, but if you meet these, then the Nugen Audio education discount will be available to current students and faculty, and also to accredited learning institutions. More information here.
It’s great to see another brand embrace the benefits of offering a substantial discount to students and educational establishments. After all loudness in the broadcast workflow is here to stay with formats like EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 and with these starting to move into radio, games, mobile and film, learning about loudness and getting used to working to the new standards is a key part of anyone’s education in this sector.