Matt Blue - Winner Of The Sonnox Community Award For May 2014

06-16-2014 08:00 PM

As we announced in Podcast 120, Matt Blue aka “kcatthedog” on Disqus has won the Community Member Of The Month Award sponsored by Sonnox for May 2014. Matt submitted this video on modifying a ribbon mic and loads of comments on Disqus. Matt told us…
Thank you Pro Tools Experts and Sonnox. I am very pleased to add another Elite plug-in to my tool chest as I have the UAD-2 Oxford EQ already and really appreciate its versatility. I am looking forward to using the Inflator and its capacity to lift particular elements out of my mixes.
I am a singer songwriter and poet and bought a Universal Audio Apollo two years ago, having used Pro Tools for 5 years. The first time I bumped into Pro Tools Expert on line: I said: thank God, Russ and gang started it; a god send for newbies and also the experienced. I have ended up diving deep into trying to understand what plug-ins are doing, the classic gear they emulate, learning about gear and now doing DIY and mods.
I hope people find the mod videos and blogs useful and informative; kind of keeping in that Pro Tools Experts spirit. I really appreciate it, when people like Bryce at Warm Audio, Eric and JRR and David at CineMag answer your emails and share information with you to increase your knowledge of gear. So, I am reciprocating in kind and in the hopes that my efforts help you to make better informed gear choices and stretch your gear sonics/budget.
Thank you Matt for sharing your experience and knowledge with the community, it all helps to make all of us Pro Tools Experts. You too can win an awesome Sonnox plug-in from their Elite Collection by making regular contributions to the Pro Tools community.