Focusrite's Rednet Works For Sound Designer Dean Hovey

06-16-2014 05:00 PM

In this case study video see how Focusrite’s Rednet has revolutionised the way sound designer Dean Hovey works.
The term ‘sound designer’ is bandied around a lot, but for someone who epitomises the craft, look no further than Dean Hovey of LA-based
Dean has spent more than two decades honing his talent for creating new and unique sounds, and has worked on over 1000 commercials, feature films, TV shows and sound art installations. He’s also designed sound for a number of tech devices and ‘themed entertainment’ attractions around the world, including the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Backlot Experience. Here, he installed multi-channel audio into the world-famous film production backlot environment for an evening of nightmarish interactive ‘scare zones’.
For more on how Dean Covey uses Focustite’s Rednet in his workflow, check out this video.