Two Interesting iPad Solutions For Pro Tools - Splashtop & TouchOSC With Osculator

06-15-2014 09:29 AM

Check out this video from community member “GodGiven Mercy AndBass” who reached out to us on Facebook with this video showing drums being edited on an iPad controlling Pro Tools on a computer on the same network using a remote control software solution called Splashtop, using their iOS app.
Secondly, community member Tom Scrivano told us about a solution that is like a Hotkey Matrix on an iPad. Calmaestudiis in Spain have created a free template for the iOS platform which enables you to control your Pro Tools rig using buttons on the iOS device which enact Pro Tools shortcuts.
You need to get TouchOSC and Osculator and it only works on the Mac platform using a wi-fi network connection between your iPad and Pro Tools system.
We haven’t had chance to check either of these out yet. If you try them out, please let us know how you get on with them.