The Most Valuable Piece Of Business Advice I Was Ever Given

06-02-2014 09:32 AM

If you are thinking of going it alone running your own studio or as a freelance engineer, or already have a new creative business, then I want to share with you the most valuable piece of business advice I was ever given.
It flies in the face of our get it fast culture we live in, but I can testify that this advice is true.
Here it is, write it down and don’t forget it.
“People over estimate what they can achieve in 2 years and under estimate what they achieve in 5 years.”
I’ve been involved in several start-ups, some for profit and some as not-for-profit and this rule has applied every time.
The first 2 years of your idea are going to be hard. You are going to find it hard to find clients, partners, or even get anyone to respond to your emails or phone calls. You are going to work longer hours than you ever thought possible and wonder if it is all worth it.
My advice is to work hard, stay focussed and keep going - then in 5 years look back and see what has happened - every time I’ve done this I look back in amazement and wonder.
Running a business is not the 100m sprint it’s not even a marathon, it’s hundreds of marathons. Results rarely come quickly, but keep going and don’t give up and see what you can do in the long game.