The Cloud - It's Not Neutral And There's One Question We All Need To Answer

05-29-2014 06:32 PM

Community member Bill Denton raised a very interesting point in a recent comment from one of our recent cloud stories
“First of all, there is no “the cloud”, it is SOMEDOBY’S cloud, with a lot of risks that go along with trusting your important stuff to someone you don’t know.”
This is a very important point that he makes, with the recent announcement about Avid’s foray into cloud collaboration. Of course this is not new, there’s already several other players with working and proven technologies in the audio and video media creation space.
There may be some distinctive features in each offering, but before we even consider them, there is a much more important question we all need to answer for ourselves.
Who do we trust?
Just a few days ago I was sent a file for a project I was working on from a client, however they used an email address that I did not have registered on the cloud service - alas, I could not download the file - whatever I tried to do. At the time I was thinking what a pain in the ass, but on reflection that’s exactly how it should work. My project was tiny, it could have been the next Peter Jackson movie, a Hans Zimmer Score, the rushes for a TV show, an unreleased album for mixing. If any of these projects had their security compromised then it would be very costly and damaging for the production team, the studio, record company and all involved.
A new story emerges almost weekly about hacking and data service failures, from some of the biggest brands on the planet, Apple, Ebay, and Amazon have all had either breaches of security or data losses. On these occassions people have either lost or had stolen their identity or money - I would go as far to assert that our creative ideas just as precious, perhaps more so, the lose of some of these could mean the loss of reputation, clients, jobs and work.
Cloud collaboration is a bit like cars that drive themselves, a great headline grabbing theory, but unless the concept and the brand is proven as safe, reliable and of able to give us a return on investment then we are in danger of being seduced into something that could do more harm than good.
Bill is right - ‘The Cloud’ it’s not neutral and there’s one question we all need to answer, who do we trust we our precious content?