Avid S3L Soon Shipping As Standalone Control Surface For Pro Tools

05-29-2014 03:09 PM

Avid have announced an update to the Avid S3L which includes our predication that users would be able to use the Avid S3L as a standalone control surface for Pro Tools. All part of VENUE 4.5 and EuControl 3.2 software updates.
In addition to this other new features include;

  • Ability to mix Pro Tools and other DAW sessions using the S3 control surface
    Customers can now use the S3 control surface as a standalone studio controller and audio interface with Pro Tools and any other EUCON™-enabled digital audio workstation. This enables an engineer to mix down a performance in Pro Tools after a gig using just the S3 control surface and a laptop. The EUCON protocol – the same protocol used by Avid S6 studio consoles – delivers superior functionality and integration.

  • Updated operating system with support for 64-bit AAX DSP plug-ins
    S3L’s updated operating system includes support for 64-bit AAX DSP plug-ins, giving customers access to all the latest effects and sound processors available.
  • Improved surface navigation and mixing
    Numerous enhancements improve surface operation, navigation and visual feedback, speeding up workflows by providing greater flexibility to mix live shows with user-definable fader layouts, VCA and Group Spill, and more.

The new update will ship in Q3.
Price TBA.