Recording With Focusrite RedNet Event At The London College of Music

05-28-2014 08:33 AM

In our review of the Focusrite RedNet hardware James made the point that it would be a great solution for multiple venue sites with shared resources like the London College of Music. Their senior lecturer Andrew Bourbon (pictured on the right) said…
“It’s about choices, but that choice is driven by understanding… and if if we can give our students the technical tools and and creative tools and if they can fuse the two together then that’s fantastic and RedNet is really good because people are now coming to us saying ‘thinking about RedNet, could we now do this?’ with all sorts of multi-room ideas or lots of performance ideas with remote performance or distributed speaker networks or multichannel diffusion systems … I love the fact that every day somebody comes up with another way of making use of it. It’s the fact that there’s an appetite to try that I think is really exciting for us.”
Focusrite RedNet Event At London College Of Music

If you are interested in Focusrite’s RedNet system, RedNet product specialist, Adrian Hogg, will be hosting a networked audio distribution and recording demonstration at the London College of Music, which is part of the University of West London, on the evening of Thursday 5th June from 6:30pm until 9:30pm.
Adrian will be joined by guest speakers including London College of Music’s Richard Liggins (pictured left) and Composer / Producer Dom Beken whose credits include The Orb, Jonny Marr and the BAFTA nominated game score “Shooter”. Complimentary beverages will be served from 6:30pm. The programme starts at 7pm.
Register For The Focusrite RedNet Event

You need to register for this event and there is more information and details on how to register on the Focusrite site here.
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