Pro Tools Expert Podcast 118

05-27-2014 11:54 AM

Russ & Mike are joined by Julian Rodgers to bring you another show with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.
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Talking Points

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  • Michael Hanson - Can make a guide to get existing content into the new AIR Instruments?

  • Kim Owen-Brown - Love the podcasts and thanks to Rob Papen for excellent customer service.
  • Eric Everhart - Could you compare the 1073 hardware to the UAD 1073?
  • Todd McKernan - Whats the next category of clones we might see?
  • Mark Phillips - A heads up that Pianoteq 5 is out. Can you check it out please?
  • Chris Carey - Logic used to offer to setup processing nodes on a LAN.

Questions - Kindly Sponsored by Alchemea

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  • Evan Magness - Even if the waveforms have been deleted I still can’t record over them.
  • Cody Glasbergen - Can’t see the waveforms on audio tracks until I zoom in a lot.
  • Chris Brown - Problems with transport functions on an M-Audio Oxygen 61 keyboard.
  • Andy Goldberg - Can you use Revoice Pro to tune vocals instead of Auto Tune? Check out Mike’s video on the Synchro Arts You Tube channel

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