Duplicate Region Bug In Pro Tools 11

05-25-2014 10:40 AM

Fig. 1 - Region shorter than the bar.
Community member Dustin Anstey has alerted us to a bug in Pro Tools 11 (and perhaps earlier versions) where duplicated regions change length after extended duplication.
To demonstrate he create a quarter note length region containing a kick drum sample and then duplicated across the timeline for around 4 minutes. Even though the region is cut to the grid, over time it starts to change length and pushes the entire track out of time.
Even more odd is the fact that sometimes it shortens the region (fig 1) and at other times it lengthens the region (fig 2). In all cases it’s only by a matter of samples, but it is still not correctly placing the audio.
Fig. 2 - Region longer than the bar.
We have tested this ourselves and can replicate the bug.
Dustin also comments in his email “It also seems to be a bit worse with midi regions and it varies depending on how much delay compensation is happening.”
However when using the Loop function or the Paste Special/Repeat To Fill Selection workflows the audio maintains the correct length.
We would be interested to hear from other community members to see if they can also replicate this bug.