Exponential Audio Announce Public Betas Available

05-19-2014 12:12 PM

Our friends at Exponential Audio have been busy improving and optimising the stereo versions of their excellent reverb plug-ins and they have released public beta versions of PhoenixVerb Stereo and R2 stereo.
Version 2.0.2 is available to any license holder (permanent or demo) and may be downloaded from the Products menu or the Support menu of the Exponential Audio website.
Phoenixverb & R2 Stereo Even More Efficient

The primary feature of this next version is an even greater improvement in plug-in efficiency which was already very good and now with v2.0.2 is even better. Many post production users have been telling us that have have loads of instances of the Exponential reverb plug-ins in their huge film mixing sessions and they don’t use up much processor power, and they sound amazing too.
Reverb Plug-ins Have More Presets

There are also many new presets for both plug-ins as well as a fix for a rare Mac bug which could cause a crash when starting up very large projects.
Remember it is a Beta Version

Exponential Audio have told us that they have made every effort to guarantee the code is solid, but there’s always a little risk. Make sure to back up your projects and have an installer for the previous release in case you need to roll back. And please report any issues using the form on Exponential Audio support page and they recommend that you revisit the Beta download area periodically to check for new builds.