Better Than DSP Performance From Native Plug-ins

05-16-2014 07:07 PM

Michael Carnes from Exponential Audio has spent decades working in high-efficiency computing—scientific and medical devices, operating systems and above all: audio devices. Michael used to work at Lexicon and in fact has coded every Lexicon hardware reverb from the PCM90 and in those early days of coding reverb for hardware, one of the challenges was to get as much out of the chips as he could. He told us…
That’s an attitude that stays with you. Computers have gotten more powerful year on year, but we don’t think this means we should waste the precious power of native chips. We think you need as much processing headroom as possible. It is always nice to have some power in reserve when you need it.
So we code for best possible sounding reverbs and maximum efficiency. In fact our native performance is so good that we see no need to create DSP versions - there would be no advantage to you.
If you ask any of their pro users why they love Exponential Audio plug-ins and after they’ve told you how great they sound then they will also tell you over and over that their reverbs are incredibly efficient. For example mixer and sound editor Ricardo Cutz of Studio 106db, in Brazil told us…
It’s so efficient, I can have loads of instances of it on my dialogue tracks, 5:1 effects and music
Tom Marks at Warner Bros in LA told us….
I will say that a lot of time the Exponential reverbs win from a sound perspective. On top of that I wish more people would talk about how efficient the plug-ins are. As good as they sound they are super, super efficient.
Michael Carnes can’t help but agree….
Maximising sound while improving performance has become a bit of an obsession so we keep finding new ways to deliver better efficiencies: The next version of our surround reverbs will be around 8% more efficient than the current version and the next version of our stereo reverbs will see a whopping 15% improvement in efficiency. With music mixes getting more complex and post mixers requiring even greater power for surround and 3D audio, the last thing you need is to run out of power.
We never compromise sound, that’s always top quality. But we will continue to do all we can to help you get the maximum performance from your DAW, whether you’re working on your desktop or your laptop.
As I have said many times what Michael doesn’t know about reverb isn’t worth knowing so you have heard it first from the master.