Sonnox Sponsor Mix Competition At PureMix

05-16-2014 06:55 AM

Our friends at Sonnox are sponsoring a mixing competition over at pureMix.
You will need to go to pureMix and download the files. There 94 tracks to this New York City pop song and you can use any DAW, any plug-ins, anything you like.
The aim of the competition is to mix the existing production, just as if you were hired to do it by the producer, you shouldn’t be trying to fix what you don’t like about it .
Once you are done, then you will need to upload your mix on or before June 1st 2014.

The pureMix team will pick the 3 mixes they like best and those 3 winners will each win a Sonnox Essential Bundle (Native) worth $999.
The team at pureMix give some great advice…
The joy is in the journey not in the destination. So don’t enter to win, enter to have a go at mixing a great NYC style production. Three of you will get the extra joy of winning Sonnox plug-ins for their effort.
More on the pureMix site