Live/Work Recording - An Ambitious Project Based In Philadelphia - Part 1

05-14-2014 11:00 AM

This article is the first part of a 3 part series from Anthony Dominello who is better known to us as “Proposal Guy” as he proposed to his now wife, Mare, on in podcast 80 He is a composer, songwriter and musician living in the Philadelphia area. He and his wife form the musical duo known as Infraction Diary, whose music can be found on Soundcloud. Over to you Anthony…
The home recording revolution has undoubtedly opened doors and brought down barriers to creatives all over the globe. But there are downsides to this revolution, one of the most difficult being the lack of physical networking— the random encounters that often lead one from one project to the next, and can create unexpected and fruitful relationships in the process.
David Nicholas is an engineer and producer based in Sydney, Australia. He has worked with such artists as Elton John, INXS, Midnight Oil, and Pulp. Fellow Aussie Paula (PJ) Hanson has also worked with Elton John and INXS as well as 311 and Korn. Together they’ve formed Live/Work Recording which is an ambitious project based in Philadelphia whose goal is, as they describe it,

  • To provide a creative, inspiring and welcoming community for musicians, record production and video professionals to live and work.
  • Provide a space where being loud and creative is encouraged.
  • Will eliminate the constant struggle with neighbors and the historically adversarial relationships with landlords.

Image courtesy of Divzi Media
David explains:
Most musicians and production pros are collaborative and social by nature. Live/Work Recording, LLC will…adapt and reuse vacant blighted property as modern luxury loft style apartments and production suites for music production, with a large live recording room for both residents and outside clients at its core.
Paula, like I, have been working in the normal studio environment since the early 80’s…and now with everybody working from home, one of the things we realized that was really being lost was the networking. The work came from being in the studio with other people in the studio next door or you just bumping into people. And all of a sudden everybody’s sort of flung to the four corners of the world, sitting on their own waiting for the phone to ring.
So the thing was to try and recreate a bit more of a community where we can all feed off each other ‘cause that’s how the work usually comes. So the idea is to have a building, which is a community in itself, but then, by using the technology, we’re not isolating people to that building…I spent my whole life going to the studio every day and now you’re working from home. It’s a very different dynamic. And so the building we have will be filled with all sorts of sort of cross pollinating environments like video guys and gamer guys and music guys and they’ll all sort of be able to feed off each other and then be able to connect globally too.
We’re gonna reach out to all the big studios and say ‘Look, we’ve got a source of people who on occasion need a big room or will want to work with somebody else, or go to their studio at home, so it just adds this element of us all being back into being a community again because that’s how we’ve been for most of our working lives.
In part 2 we will hear why they chose Philadelphia and what the response has been so far.