Production Expert - Find All Of The Expert Sites In One Place

05-12-2014 03:16 PM

Soon Reason Expert will be launching to support the Reason Community with tips, tricks and news, again an independent site of those who are passionate and knowledgeable about Reason. Watch this space.
Production Expert

We’ve been asked if we are involved with other sites with similar names, so to avoid any confusion and to stop anyone being misled there is now a new site Production Expert, the Production Expert site showcases the collective group of Pro Tools Expert, Logic Pro Expert, Ableton Live Expert and Reason Expert, if the site isn’t listed there then it’s not one of ours, simple as that.
The Production Expert site is not meant to replace the current sites, it is simply a site to show which Expert sites belong to the Expert family and to give a quick glance at the latest activity from each site.
Production Expert - A Mobile Friendly Format

Even better, the Production Expert site is built using the very latest web technology so opening the site on your iOS or Android phone will give you all the latest news form all the sites in a mobile friendly format.