Pro Tools Running On A Dedicated Machine: Update Week 1

05-11-2014 08:55 PM

Last week we ran the story Does Pro Tools Run Better On Dedicated Machines? We Tested It To Find Out.
Early findings were enlightening, but some asked if we would keep you updated. Was a fresh install just as likely to become sluggish as time went on, or would it continue to perform well?
So here is the update a week on. A diary of Pro Tools on my general purpose Mac and then a diary of the Pro Tools machine.
The General Purpose Mac Running Pro Tools - Week 1

  • Several general crashing when inserting various plug-ins.
  • Several crashes when closing Pro Tools
  • Installed UAD version 7.7 with some odd results.
    • No UAD presets worked at all
    • Major crash when using Neve 1073 which rendered Pro Tools unable to open without crashing
    • Complete uninstall of UAD 7.7, trashed all PT preferences using PT Helper and then reinstalled
    • Finally got Pro Tools to open but still no presets in UAD plug-ins

The Dedicated Mac Running Pro Tools - Week 1

  • No crashes to report
  • Installed UAD version 7.7 with no issues.
    • All UAD presets worked.

So there are the results after week 1, check back next week for more diary entries.