Fab Dupont On Creating A Great Vocal Sound Using Sonnox Plug-ins

05-11-2014 10:00 AM

Fab Dupont from Pure Mix demonstrates how he uses the Sonnox Dynamics plug-in to get a great vocal sound. The team at Sonnox asked Fab how he gets a great vocal sound.
I like to use the Oxford Dynamics to compress a vocal. It’s completely transparent and I can get very even vocals out of it with no artifacts whatsoever. I can actually use more compression than I would with other compressors, and doesn’t even sound that compressed, So it’s about the flexibility and transparency. I can get a vocal to sit exactly in the mix as I want. From there, it’s a blank slate for me to add color if I want to. I use the Warmth function on the Dynamics plug-in. Sometimes the track is just right, but the vocal is lacking a little bit of edge and excitement. In those cases, I find that sprinkling some ‘Warmth’ on there will give me the edge that’s not volume-based, but excitement-based. It works every time.
To hear and see more on how Fab Dupont uses Sonnox plug-ins to create a great vocal sound check out PureMix.
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