Have Source-Connect Now On Your Website And More

05-10-2014 08:00 PM

Source-Connect Now Embedded On Your Web Site

Our friends at Source Elements have been putting the final touches on their shiny new Embed feature. Now you have HD audio in your own website, for anyone to join you with the click of a button without leaving your website.
Source-Connect Now Pricing Update

Source Elements in their latest newsletter have stated that, even though pricing is yet to be determined, once released there will be a free and professionally-usable version available as well as a paid service with premier features. Please be aware that not all features will be included with the free, basic Source-Connect Now version. However Add-on and premium features are provided for all accounts during beta for testing and evaluation purposes.
Source-Connect Now New Features

What’s next for Source-Connect Now?

They are working on more add-ons and continuing developments for mobile support. Apparently the Android version is fully functional however only using your built-in mic or analog headset.