New Slate Virtual Mix Rack Will Ship With Free Rack And Surprise Free Module

05-09-2014 01:28 AM

In a tease email from Slate Digital, more details have emerged about the new Virtual Mix Rack (VMR) including the fact that the rack will ship first at no cost as well as a surprise FREE MODULE, which in their words ‘that might just be the coolest and most useful mix and mastering processor we’ve done yet. Stay tuned’
The Slate Virtual Mix Rack

Here is more information supplied by Slate about the individual plug-ins that come with the Slate VMR.
FG-N EQ: This gorgeous sounding equalizer is modeled after one of the most classic British designs in the history of production. And we’ve modeled every little nuance of it! It’s amazing how even with normal use, there is a beautiful saturation in the filters, as well as subtle harmonics that give it a unique character. You can use the line input to drive it all the way to a fat distortion. The EQ’s circuit path has sweet tone without even moving the filter knobs! This classic processor sounds amazing on EVERYTHING! Also stay tuned for the preamp emulation of the
FG-N that will be used with our upcoming Virtual Microphone System hardware! FG-S EQ: This classic equalizer is modeled off of the famous mixing desk EQ, and it is the ultimate workhorse. Again, we found that this EQ adds little bits of harmonics that help shape the mid bands and gives them an aggressive sound on drums, bass, and guitars when boosted heavily. The hi-pass filter allows you to remove the low end ‘gunk’ from your tracks, without affecting the rest of the frequencies. It’s an amazing EQ with all the quality and tone of the classic mix desk it was modeled after.
FG-401 Compressor: This compressor is a hybrid of some of the most popular VCA channel compressors that are used in modern audio. It has the ability to be quite the chameleon by offering TWO unique sounding circuit paths, and by enabling its ultra deep and fat sounding transformer. It sounds good on everything you can put it through and will ooze analog goodness. It’ll also have a ton of presets to get you started.
FG-116 Compressor: “This was the most difficult compressor I’ve ever modeled” said Slate CTO Fabrice Gabriel. The FG-116 is a dead on recreation of the classic American FET compressor. No expense was spared to recreate every, and we really mean EVERY, little nuance that makes this compressor so special. This classic compressor is amazing on everything and is certainly a favorite on lead vocals and drums.
Slate VMR Price

The new Slate VMR will ship at an introductory price of $149.