Soundfield Announce Plug-In Update Status And Pro Tools 11

05-03-2013 09:33 AM

We have heard from Soundfield about the status of their plug-ins the UPM-1 and Surround Zone and this is what they have said….
“We are just in the process of creating our Plug-In strategy for the future and both AAX (native not DSP) and 64-bit support feature highly.
We also asked about about comments that the UPM-1 puts a heavy load on the computer and they responded…
“We know that the UPM-1 is resource hungry, in the hardware version we are running a dedicated SHARC DSP which is running pretty much flat out. The new version will have some savings but it will never be a lightweight plug-in, great upmixing takes a lot of resources.”
You can see my review on the UPM-1 here, and certainly in the absence of the TC Electronic UnWrap, this is in my opinion one of the best upmixing plug-in around at the moment and it would seem they are across the process hungry issue too. So I am looking forward to the new version of the UPM-1 that I can run on my Pro Tools 11 HDX rig.