SSL Announce 3 New Plug-ins: X-Phase, X-Valvecomp And X-Saturator

05-07-2014 08:58 PM

SSL have announced 3 new native plug-ins X-Phase, X-Valvecomp And X-Saturator, a couple of which are great prices, they are also offering to future proof them with free AAX upgrades when they ship.
SSL X-Phase

X-Phase is an All-pass Filter plug-in that offers the user manual control and high quality response. It enables the user to apply a phase shift (sometimes called a phase offset) at a specified frequency within a signal. Unlike other filter types where the gain of selected frequencies is altered, with an All-pass Filter the gain remains unchanged throughout the signal. This is useful for fixing phase problems with microphones when recording: eg overheads causing phase problems when mixed with close mic’s. X-Phase can also be used to create a comb filter by applying a filtered signal to an unfiltered version of the same signal. With X-Phase the controls are simple: a Frequency control selects the desired frequency where a phase offset needs to be applied, a Q control sets the slope of the curve of correction to be applied across the signal and a phase invert button enables the phase of the filter to be flipped 180 degrees. Price is €249 plus TAX
SSL X-Valvecomp

X-ValveComp is a fully-featured mono or stereo channel compressor with a full set of classic channel compressor controls and an added ‘valve’ emulation stage. The valve emulation stage sits after the compressor in the signal path and adds a variable degree of primarily 2nd order harmonic saturation and distortion that thickens and colours the sound. The compressor can be switched between Peak or RMS modes and has a full set of standard controls including; Threshold, Ratio, Knee, Attack, Release and Hold. There are Input and Output Meters with separate kick down compression amount indication and Input and Output Level controls. There’s a Gain Make Up control and switched Auto Gain Make Up mode. A dedicated wet/dry mix control facilitates parallel compression. A Side Chain input high and low pass filters can be used to trigger compression. X-ValveComp can be automated via standard DAW Automation data and has A&B Preset ‘slots’ with an A/B switch for easy comparison of two different combinations of settings. Special launch price is €59 plus TAX until June 1st
SSL X-Saturator

X-Saturator delivers a stunning range of analogue style distortion effects. It is an emulation of an analogue circuit that introduces either 2nd order valve style or 3rd order transistor style distortion or a blend of the two. At low drive settings the distortion is mild and can add gentle warming to help instruments sit nicely in a mix or to add a little extra edge to help instruments cut through a mix. As drive levels are increased so too is the level of distortion until at high drive levels heavy distortion occurs. Special launch price is €59 plus TAX until June 1st
Free AAX Upgrades To Existing iLok Based Duende Native Owners

SSL have also announced a future proof offer for those who wish to have these plug-ins in AAX formats when they arrive. They state free AAX upgrades to existing iLok based Duende Native owners. AAX versions are planned to ship in Q4 2014.
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