Audio, Radio, Acoustics, And Signal Processing - The Way Forward - Video

05-07-2014 05:05 PM

It seems everywhere you look now on social media there is some post that has the words ‘you must watch this video’ or ‘you’ll never guess what happens next’ - in most cases I don’t watch them on principle.
But when community member and mastering engineer Bob Olhsson posts “This could be the most valuable hour anybody who does audio for a living could spend this year.” I take notice.
In this video JJ will discuss our present understanding of human auditory perception, pointing out how the way we actually work encourages a dichotomy of knowledge that no longer exists. He goes on to suggest some ways that education can bring artistic and technical approaches together, apply some of the technical things we know on the artistic side, and learn what the artistic side of the business needs and wants….” —-from the Audio Engineering Society - Pacific Northwest Section Meeting Recaps page.
It’s not for the faint hearted, but well worth setting real time aside to watch. Thanks Bob!