Universal Audio Are Making 'The Biggest Launch Of The Year' Tomorrow

05-07-2014 10:06 AM

Our friends at Universal Audio are making an announcement tomorrow of what they describe to us as ‘the biggest launch of the year.’ Either it’s something very special or something that’s very big, perhaps a 5000 series rack? (yes pedants it is meant to say 5000 series, that’s the joke!)
Followers of UA on social media will have seen a couple of teasers with a nod back to the 1970s, so in true UA style expect some vintage goodies.
The eagle-eyed amongst you will see the Neve logo on the centre of the ‘o’, so out money is on a Neve plug-n that takes advantage of their new Unison technology… Neve channel strip anyone?
Of course we will have all the news as soon as it breaks, if not sooner!